Elective Studies

Elective Studies is education for the busy learner.

Sometimes the desire to learn more is held back by time commitments to family and job. Other times, the financial cost of learning is simply prohibitive to many who just wish to understand more. World Harvest Bible College understands that time and money are reasonable costs to count in this world. For this reason, WHBC created the Elective Studies division. In Elective Studies, the courses use materials originally authored by Dr. Lester Sumrall, founder of LeSEA. Dr. Sumrall was a leader in the charismatic church of the 20th century, evangelizing around the world. His writings and books are still valuable today for a deeper understanding of the Bible today. While these courses are not accredited, the students earn a certificate of achievement for the 3 courses offered during the semester.

Shorter time and less expensive is a formula for success.

Each course lasts 4 weeks. Classes meet on Tuesday evenings for 2 hours on campus. During the semester, WHBC plans 3 courses in Elective Studies on topics such as the Holy Spirit, the Person of Christ, and End Time Events. Each student receives a worbook upon enrollment into the class and each course is only $50. If a student signs up for all three courses offered in a particular semester, the cost is only $100 for all three.
Application for enrollment is easy as there is no requirement to submit transcripts from previous education experience. Contact the school today at 574-291-3292 and get started.