Online Studies

Online courses are available for undergraduate and graduate programs.

World Harvest Bible College wants to be available for as many students as possible, and not just those students who live near a campus. Most courses are offered through our online campus, including testing and other assignments. Students may work closely with their supervising instructor to gain their advanced understanding of the materials without having to travel to one of the campuses. Admissions into online classes follows the same standards as regular admission into World Harvest Bible College. Both undergraduate and graduate studies may be done online. Generally, all of the courses offered on-campus during a given semester may be taken online. While online students may follow their own timetable, choosing to take a class online with the campus means that the student may communicate with fellow class-mates concerning the course work. Some courses offer live sessions with the class. Because of the internet, World Harvest Bible College classes can be taken anywhere in the world.

Follow this link to our online classroom.