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The Christian Church depends upon informed and equipped leadership for today and tomorrow. Through the power of the Holy Spirit of God, the church is ready to evangelize and influence the world of today. By learning good biblical principles, church workers and ministers are enabled to meet the demand. Whether a short term certificate or a full college degree, WHBC is ready to teach what is needed today with sound instruction, balanced theology, and an eye on social concerns. Contact World Harvest Bible College today and see how we can move you forward. A full description of degrees and courses may be found in the current catalog.

Current Undergraduate Catalog

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Short Term

Certificates are issued for various subjects, including Christian education and Christian Care. Each certificate consists of 19 credit hours of college course work, including 1 credit hour of practicum. Certificates can apply to continued degree work. Full description is in the catalog.



Associate degrees are awarded for the successful completion of 60 credit hours; bachelor degrees are awarded after the successful completion of 120 credit hours of course work. WHBC has an Associate or Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry.



Students who hold a Bachelor degree from an institution of higher learning may apply for admision into the World Harvest Bible College graduate program. WHBC awards Master and Doctorates in the fields of Ministry and Theology. See more details in the graduate catalog.

Grad Catalog

On-campus Schedule Fall 2017

B101 The Synoptic Gospels
L101 English Grammar
M401 Church Business Administration
B102 The Gospel of John
DBIB120 New Testament Survey