Privacy Policy

The information you submit to World Harvest Bible College

World Harvest Bible College does not share, sell, or trade your personal information with anyone other than our own internal organization. The policy covers information sent from the internet and information mailed into WHBC, including email communications. If you are a vetran securing VA funding, we will communicate your information with the Vetrans Administration as is required for that funding. Such communications are private and secure.

Your information and activities as a student at World Harvest Bible College

Your grades and activities are private and only relayed by your descretion. For that reason, your transcripts are provided upon request and verification that the student is making the request. World Harvest Bible College cannot confirm your grades or acknowledge that you are/were a student by phone. The best way to verify your college attendance is with an official transcript. World Harvest Bibe College follows the law established by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.