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A leader of the Spirit-filled Christian Church,
Dr. Lester Sumrall birthed the vision.

Dr. Lester Sumrall was a driving influence of the charismatic church of the 20th century. Based in South Bend, Indiana, he created the World Harvest Minister's Network, Channel 46 TV, PulseFM, Feed the Hungry, and World Harvest Bible College. The corporate entity known as LeSEA covers many radio and television stations around the world. Christian Center Church is the home for World Harvest Bible College, located at 530 E. Ireland Road, South Bend, Indiana. While the college was previously known as Indiana Christian University, we have chosen to stick to our roots as World Harvest Bible College. We offer a quality Christian college education with a charismatic understanding, just as Dr. Lester Sumrall intended.

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With an intimate understanding of the Bible, people called to professional church work are equipped to face the rigors of ministry in today's world. Students are taught by instructors who are qualified in their area of expertise. A WHBC degree contains both theological and practical elements for ministry life.


Enabling a

Every generation of believers needs to hear God's Plan for them. Regardless of the one being called, pastoral work applies to the generation not yet informed of the truth about God, that He loved them so much, He gave His one and only son, Jesus. Every generation needs the Good News because God has children, and not grandchildren!


Our World

World Harvest Bible College is about world-wide minstry. What is learned at WHBC may be applied anywhere in the world. From the neighborhoods of the United States to the villages of Africa, an education from WHBC appllies to ministry in any country, among any people, and in any church setting.

Extension Campuses


Glory Point
2809 E. 56th St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46237
317-255-0299     Cheryl Meierdierks


Aletheia Fellowship and Ministry Center
2505 Faith Drive, Anderson, Indiana 46013
Phone: 765-649-3480     Jean Burcham


Dr. Mark Lantz

Dr. Allan Springer

Cheryle Bates

Rev. Daniel P. Geer, MM, MATS
Director, South Bend Campus